Media training

Hands-on workshops to make you more confident working with the media and better prepared when a journalist calls.

Media skills for scientists

Ever wondered why scientists like Brian Cox seem to breeze through media interviews with confidence and a smile? Very little of it is down to natural talent—it’s all about training and practice.

In this fun and practical workshop we’ll hone your message, give you ideas for presenting your research, practise interview techniques and learn more about the mainstream media today. You’ll come away feeling more confident about working with the media and better prepared for when a reporter calls.

Course overview

  • What to do when a journalist calls
  • Honing your message
  • Interview techniques
  • Working with print and online
  • Working with radio
  • Working with TV
  • Broadcast interview practice


Workshops run on demand at your organisation and include the opportunity to be interviewed by a working journalist from the mainstream media, a chance to be interviewed on camera, take home resources and ongoing support.

Time: 4 hours+

Cost: $240/person
Minimum 6 participants, maximum 10

"I’ve attended a couple of media training workshops in the past and this was the best."

Dr Sandra Tanz, ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology Research, UWA

“To have these professionals come all the way to then actually interview us in a training session was grand."

Dr Barbara Baer-Imhoof, Centre for Integrative Bee Research, UWA

"It was engaging, punchy and pushed us beyond our comfort zones a little."

Sarah Larsen, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

“A fantastic workshop, and one that every scientist should take.”

Angus Wright, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research